Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

After listening to Mac DeMarco’s ‘This Old Dog’ a couple times and a couple more times in the background, I have come to the conclusion that I like it. Coming from a long-time Mac Demarco fan, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I liked it, but I feel that his music has changed quite a bit since ‘Another One’ and ‘Some Other Ones’ came out. I thought that both of these projects were very well put together, and I even have ‘Another One’ on CD that I got from a local record store. ‘Another One’ seems like more of an in-between project and not a complete LP to most people, but I take it as a complete record in Mac DeMarco’s collection. Having said this, ‘Some Other Ones’ is probably the most perfect instrumental album that I have ever heard, and after hearing this album, I could say in complete confidence that Mac was in it for the long haul. So when I heard that ‘This Old Dog’ was coming out in May, I knew already that whatever he was going to put out was going to be fresh and new for the ears. Songs like ‘My Old Man’ and ‘This Old Dog’ certainly did not disappoint, and were the perfect lead singles for the album. After the release, I listened to every song on the album and could not find one song that I didn’t like. The influence of Pink Floyd on this album is evident in both sound and style, as well as overall atmosphere. I think this speaks to Mac’s ability to do the impossible: stay consistently good while being the most relatable and likable rocker out there. The only other musician that comes to mind with the same ability of consistency and likability is John Mayer, with the many projects and collaborations he has done, especially currently with Dead & Co. I would highly suggest that every person listens to this album at least once, just to hear what it sounds like to be the most famous nobody in the corporate music industry (lol).


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