The Charleston – 1920’s ragtime

I really like ‘The Charleston’ (no, not ‘The Carlton’, even though I like that too). I don’t know why, but I think it’s really good. The chord progression is probably one of the best chord progressions in modern music (my opinion) and the overall 1920’s flapper/Gatsby era is very interesting to me. It’s almost as if the whole country decided to have a celebration around the culture of jazz and swing. Along with the speakeasies and prohibition of the 20’s, it almost seems as if the 20’s were the only era in American history where the establishment was way different than how people wanted it to be. The 1960’s is recognized as the era when the counterculture started, but I would argue that it was really the 1920’s that started it all off. To me, it is one of the only eras that almost seems frozen in time as the fun and wild decade of America, and will probably remain that way for a long time. Check out The Charleston below and The Shining where the 1920’s will forever be frozen over and over again.


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