Nine Inch Nails – Less Than (single)

Death Grips < Nine Inch Nails.  Just kidding, haha. In all seriousness though, the new single from NIN/Trent Reznor is incredibly good. It reminds me of NIN’s debut album, “Pretty Hate Machine”, which is arguably the greatest debut album in rock history and the most important and influential album for industrial music. The raw energy that Trent Reznor brings to everything that he does, from production to performance, has become such a well known fact in the music industry that he has gained legendary status, very much like what I said in my Black Sabbath and David Bowie blog post about David Bowie. In fact, David Bowie and NIN toured together through 1995-1996, and the tour was regarded as one of the 10 best pairings in rock history by Rolling Stone.


As for the new single, “Less Than”, Reznor brings his classic retro synth/drum combo with soaring guitar fuzz melodies to 2017 in the most perfect way possible. You can tell that he is still a purist when it comes to analog equipment, and it definitely shows in the quality of the music. The way that Trent Reznor utilizes distortion adds an edge that few artists have been able to achieve. NIN’s ability to stay relevant speaks volumes about Reznor’s timeless talent in a constantly changing musical climate, and in my opinion, makes him one of the all time greatest performer’s in modern history. Check out the single below, as well as a song I made on SoundCloud,  which actually sounds eerily similar to it:


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