Favorite Tyler, The Creator Songs

Before Scum Fuck Flower Boy comes out, I thought I would list my favorite Tyler, The Creator songs in order with a brief description on why I like them.

    From the beginning of this song, with off tempo bass drum hits, all the way into distorted chaos and obvious preset synthesizers, this song provides raw energy. I draw a lot of inspiration and influence from the willingness to create such a crazy track and make it the album’s namesake, especially one that was highly anticipated.

    This is just one of those songs that just makes you laugh, probably because of the music video for it. Lyrics like, “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could ever give a fuck”, are just comedic to the point of ridiculousness, which is, in my opinion, one of Tyler’s overarching themes throughout his music.

  3. JAMBA
    A lot of Tyler’s songs start with a good intro that segues into the beat, and this song is no exception. Something that strikes me when I listen to this song is the animated version of reality that Tyler can create so easily, while at the same time, keeping a constant flow of words that just sound good.

  4. DOMO23
    “DOMO23” is the theme song for Golf Wang, Tyler’s clothing brand. Because it is his biggest song that promotes Golf Wang, it is, in my opinion, the biggest musical promoter for Golf Wang. On top of that, it is one of his catchiest songs, and it is the one that I have listened to the most.

    From the piano intro to the Lil Wayne outro, this song is the one that is most aimed towards his critics, especially because it has Tyler’s most famous features, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, on it. Kanye West delivers a good verse on this song, and shows to the world that he is a fan and supporter of Tyler.

    As Tyler’s most popular song on Spotify, along with the famous music video with him eating a cockroach and hanging himself, it is obvious that this is his most well known song. He even disses Jesus himself. You can’t get much crazier than that.

  7.  FISH
    This song and “Colossus” remind me of Eminem’s debut CD, The Slim Shady LP. In the song “My Fault”, Slim Shady accidentally overdoses a girl on mushrooms, similar to the way Tyler talks about drugging girls. The similarities are obvious, and the shock rap quality of Tyler’s songs show that Eminem was definitely an influence.

    This song is Tyler’s way of dealing with his stans. The song is a story about him meeting some overzealous fans while visiting Six Flags, and ends up getting overwhelmed by their level of fandom. Luckily, this story ends up better than Eminem’s encounter with Stan, but it does show the responsibility Tyler has to people that worship and follow his every move.

    I just like this song. In my opinion, it’s his cheesiest song, and I like cheesy songs. That is all.

    Being the title track on Tyler’s first mixtape, Bastard, this song introduces Tyler to the world. It starts off with him meeting with psychiatrist Dr. TC, and addresses the absence of his father along with a number of other issues. The magic of this track is that it doesn’t even have a beat, just a continuous piano and string loop to shift the focus purely on Tyler’s lyrics.

  11. OLDIE
    For number one on the list, I though I would put an Odd Future song featuring Tyler, The Creator to showcase his friendship and dedication as well as his talent and production ability. Each one of the rappers in Odd Future has a verse on this song, and the music video shows the true friendship between all of Odd Future’s members.


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