Selena Gomez – Fetish

Selena Gomez has been pretty consistent with being the only Disney kid to not completely lose it, and I think that she is continuing this trend with her constant releases of music. Selena Gomez is obviously banking off her looks, but this isn’t really that important when it comes to her music, especially since this is the trend of mega popstars. I think compared to a lot of artists in her genre, there is something else to say about her music. I’m not really her target audience, but I do find some of her music somewhat listenable, just like with Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times”. rs-selena-gomez-7987e3c0-92b0-48c0-a30c-d04e36590ba5

You might wonder why I would review her music if I find her music somewhat listenable, and the answer is, well, because it’s new music. I’m trying to widen my horizons, especially because I’m trying  to make a blog about my favorite music and new music, so here is my review of her new song “Fetish”:

It is ok.

Just kidding.

Just from the first listen, the vocals seem reminiscent to the tone that Demi Lovato is going for in her music, especially the lower register that Selena Gomez is using in this song. The beat is pretty solid, not stale. The lyrics are overtly sexual, with the title literally being “Fetish”, referencing the concept of a focus on a particular part of the body, clothing, etc. According to Google’s dictionary, there are two different meanings of the word, with one being more an object of worship:

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.10.47 PM

It is possible that she is referencing the fact that her lover is worshipping her because of the love that she reciprocates (not to sound like too much of a loser ha). This dual meaning, for me, adds a little more depth than you would hear on the first listen, so I commend her for that. Gucci Mane delivers the stock rapper verse on a pop song, nothing spectacular. What I mean by this is if you were to base the way you saw Gucci Mane just on the verse in this song, you wouldn’t think he was anything special, so I feel that it just adds a little more edge to a seemingly bland pop song. I think that this song is openly embracing the themes that are often in pop music, just like Britney Spears did in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. Would I consider this song as Nacho Libre would say, “the best”? Not exactly, but I did find the song engaging and a fresh take on what it means to be a pop star in 2017. Thanks for reading, and as always, God Bless America.



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