Tyler, The Creator – Flower Boy (first thoughts)

It’s finally here, Tyler, The Creator’s new album Flower Boy. I was anticipating this album for a while, and I even made a list of my favorite Tyler songs up to this point, which you can find here. I have given his new album a listen and these are my first thoughts:


Starting from the first song, I could tell that this album would be a huge departure from the electric surge that was CHERRY BOMB. The luscious strings that pervade the whole album made an interesting twist on the classic Tyler, The Creator sound. Overall, the album seems like it was more professionally done than his previous albums, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you think made him great in the first place. I also heard some influence from west coast rappers, especially on “Pothole” with the classic electric piano pads and high pitch sine wave synths that is the signature sound of Dr. Dre’s production style ever since the 1990’s for artists like Snoop Dogg. I also heard a little bit of an influence from the style that Kamasi Washington brought to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly with jazz type chord progressions. I think that his sound has actually gotten better over the years, but I’m sure that there are going to be a lot of Tyler, The Creator fans that would disagree with me.

The album has a flow to it from song to song that I felt that CHERRY BOMB didn’t quite have. I feel like he took a departure from his attempt to try and make every song completely different in hopes that they would become a standout hit to instead make a more solid complete album. Listening to the singles that were coming out, I was a little scared that he would make the classic soft song and shock rap songs to contrast each other like on his other albums, but it seems like he went for a middle ground on most of the songs to make a more serious and mature type album. After listening to the album, I found that the singles fit very well into the album, which doesn’t regularly happen for a lot of artists. Hopefully, Tyler continues this trend as he moves forward, not to look that far into the future haha. In my opinion, Tyler stayed true to his roots while at the same time making a forward motion to being an artists that is in it for the long run. I certify album fresh, and I would also like to introduce a new way of showing that I like new music by giving it a Nacho Libre meme for being “the best”:


I will put out another review to this album continuing my thoughts after letting it sink in and listening to it for a while. Tyler, The Creator definitely showed his ability to adapt his style for a continuously changing music climate in 2017. Good job my man. Thanks for reading, and as always, God Bless America.


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